Automated email generation

As you create your newsletter your email is also being created to send out to your subscriber data base

Not only is your newsletter available online through your website, when you finally publish it you automatically generate an email with all the page links and a message announcing your latest newsletter is available for viewing. Ready to be sent out to your data base of subscribers. SIMPLE! Nothing more to do than hit the send button.

As a safety precaution the program has the ability to send a TEST email to yourself (and others) so you can do a final check before emailing to your subscribers.

Optional General email facility

Each newsletter program includes the option to add a generic email template (logo, address, etc + message) so you have the added ability to send mass emails to your subscriber data base via the program. 

Built-in Subscriber Management

We upload your current database when you first sign up, and every newsletter program includes a new subscriber form (as well as the usual unsubscribe legal requirements.)  

Built-in Email reporting

Via your Content Management System you will be able to check on the number of emails sent, see how many emails have bounced along with the number of subscribers
that have opened the email.