A fully customised online newsletter using your branding, colours and fonts

A customised newsletter to match your brand image

We create a distinctive look for your online newsletter, using your logo, your colours and your corporate web fonts. We personally design and customise your online newsletter ready for you to start creating your own newsletters using our own Content Management System (CMS). Our CMS has been designed to be easy to use, with intuitive step-by-step actions, built-in styles and automated processes to make publishing your online newsletters easy.

Built-in templates and styles let you build pages faster.

As part of the customisation package we build-in pre formatted templates with you design, colours and fonts locked in so ever page and every newsletter reproduces they way it was meant to. Simply choose the template best suited to your article and drop your text and images in, the program will automatically format your material to match the approved design.

Share the workload, work from anywhere.

No need to work on one newsletter at a time, you can develop multiple newsletters at the same time adding articles in any order and then rearranging the order prior to publishing -• No reflow problems,
• No fit problems as pages can be any length.

Spread the workload. With multiple login access levels you can grant access to any number of writers restricting their access to only the pages they have been assigned. Once created their articles remain as drafts until approved by the editor.

Work from anywhere with anyone. With your newsletter in the cloud you and your team can access the program from any computer with internet access, wherever you are. No need to take files with you. No need to exchange files. No need track corrections, no more assembling different articles into one document – You can all be working on the same issue and reviewing changes instantly. As the editor you can quickly check the status of any issue under construction. 

It's never too late to make a change.

You can make changes to your articles right up until you are ready to email it out to your subscribers. In fact as the editor you can even make changes after your newsletter has been published. Say you find a mistake that got missed during proofing, you can quickly fix the mistake, republish the page and it's gone for good.