Create a Bulletin Board or add an Ad

Every newsletter needs an area for important announcements

Create a bulletin page easily, list important dates or place some small space ads. Our special Insert Template feature lets you build a bulletin page or place an ad within another page easily. Select from image templates or use a highlight background template to quickly assemble your page.

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Perhaps you're not interested in an online newsletter right now, but we are sure with the way things are moving electronically it won't be long before you will want one. So bookmark this site now so you can find us easily when you are ready to discuss your needs.

Specialised cloud based business software solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions are often difficult for businesses to incorporate in their day to day business. We specialise in developing business software solutions tailored to your business needs. Online shops and ordering systems, registration and booking programs, job and asset management solutions including real-time remote updating via mobile devices. >> VISIT SOFTWARE WIZARDS

Thinking of updating your website? 

Why not let us give you a quote? We can build you a custom website which includes our proprietary CMS (Content Management System) so you can easily update content as needed. Call Rob on 0418 326 714

How can you improve on our online newsletter?

Add a dedicated email campaign system

As well as our online newsletter we also build dedicated email campaign systems that allow you to create build and manage your own mass email outs to your database as needed. As easy to use as our Newsletter System.

Why is the Ultimate online Newsletter so good?

• Share Development across multiple people
• Work on multiple issues simultaneously
• No restriction on page length or numbers
• Multiply login access levels

• No specialised computer skills required
• Built-in Database Management
• Automated email out 
• Extremely economical running cost