Layouts are as simple as WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG layout views and familiar editing controls make page designing a breeze

Design and layout pages using a 'What You See Is What You Get' display interface with familiar action buttons. No special computer skills required if you can use Microsoft Word you should have no problems creating a great newsletter.

Cut, paste, undo, redo, bold, italic, add bullets, indents and charts are all there, plus a couple of handy new ones.

Like our Insert Template   button  that offers a variety of insertable template layouts for creating bulletin boards or highlighting items within a page. Learn more about creating a Bulletin Board Page.

Add links to pages within your newsletter or to other websites or upload and add a link to a PDF. Links can be added to words, or images as needed. View Overnewton's Online Newsletter.

Style sheets protect your image

To make it even easier we set up 'Format Style Sheets' that automatically format headlines and text to match your corporate look and ensure every issue has a professional consistency. (With the ability to over ride the formatting when needed just in case you need a larger font or a different colour to highlight something special).

Built-in spell check helps prevent typos