Upload, insert and edit photos easily

Add photos to any page with just a few clicks

Want to add a photo or two to a page, not a problem simply select where you want to insert the photo click on the insert photo icon and then upload the image from your computer. Save it in an image file for the current newsletter and then click insert. 

The photo will then appear in your page layout, while it is highlighted select left, right or centred to position it as desired.

Photos are automatically optimised for best web performance but the size will also be the maximum size you entered so you may want to make it smaller. Select the image and drag the frame around the image to the size you want. (Note: If you only upload a small image you want be able to enlarge it without the image going a bit pixelated).

Not entirely happy with your image? Would you like to modify it slightly but you don't have a fancy photo editing program (or don't know how to use one)?


Our built-in photo editor makes handling your photos a breeze

No need for special photo editing programs the Ultimate Online Newsletter has its own built-in basic photo editor.

With it you can resize your image and save it so it loads quicker, crop the image to better suit your layout or remove something you don't want or flip and rotate it.

You can even adjust the image colour and brightness or add filters for a special effect and then save it with a different name so that you still have your original.