Add Video Content to your pages

Watch videos from within your newsletter page

Add video content to your newsletter for extra impact. Whether it is a new product launch, a special event or presentation you can embed the video into the newsletter page right a long with the video player so anyone can watch it.

Upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo or some other video server site and then insert the video code into your newsletter page, add some copy and it's ready to go.

You can watch the video from the video player within the page or watch it full screen (subject to your video server capability).

Lego Shorts animated video by Angus Turner-Summerton (Overnewton Class of 2014)

Lego Shorts was created by media student Angus Turner-Summerton (Class of 2014) and is one of many that he has produced in preparation for his VCE project. Angus specialises in stop motion films using Lego, but is working towards other forms of media work and is looking at pursue a career in film production.